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Importance of learning art in childhood

Childhood is an integral part of a person's life and proves to be vital in a person's further development as an adult. The memories that a person has from their childhood are etched in their mind and heart forever.

A child's mind is pure which makes it easier for them to grasp new things and learn from their mistakes. Just like a potter shapes a pot, it is important to shape children’s mind with good and fun habits, activities and knowledge. The brain of a child is much more receptive than that of an adult. Brain being more receptive creative activities such as art also helps in faster and better cognitive development.

As they grow older, having memories of practicing drawing and painting in their subconscious mind will help them in their later years to find joy and creative expression.

Fine Motor skills:

It is the skill of coordinating muscles in eyes, fingers and hands. The coordination between the muscles in hand and the nervous system becomes stronger. Your child will become familiar with shapes, the visuals, and their muscle memory will improve. It helps not only in drawing, but also in other areas of life, such as better handwriting and playing an instrument.

Social Skills:

Your child learns to interact with teachers, other students and their communication skills improve.


Attending classes timely, doing assignments weekly, correcting the mistakes will build discipline of your child which will be helpful in all walks of life.


Just like physical muscles are built by exercising every day, similarly, mental muscles are also built by working and focusing on a task. Drawing, completing assignments takes time, which in turn requires your child to focus completely on it, which develops his/her concentration powers.

Stress buster:

Studies have shown children who are engaged in drawing and painting activities have better mental health. Art is fun for kids. Drawing and experimenting with colors will help your child unleash his/her creativity and have a joyous experience.

Cognitive development:

It is the ability to think and reason. This skill is required in every field and is not just limited to art. Through art, your child’s thinking expands. This will further develop their problem-solving capabilities.

Observation and Imagination:

The most basic and important skill art teaches is: observation. Even a painting of a tree can teach your child many things: how the roots are growing into the ground, the brown texture of soil, the textures of trunk, the insects on the trunk, how the trunk leads to branches and then into even smaller and thinner branches and leaves. The symmetry of leaves, arrangement of veins in them, different shades of color green, birds settling in trees. Observing the smallest of details and conveying it through drawing.

Another example is of Tokyo’s bullet train. The shape of the bullet train was inspired by observing the bird: kingfisher. The bullet trains first made were causing a lot of loud noise while entering and exiting from tunnels, and the speed of bullet train could not be slowed down to avoid it. An engineer on the team, who was also a birdwatcher observed how kingfishers had a long, narrow and streamlined shape bill which helped the birds to dive into water without making a lot of noise. They studied the shape of bill and tested the same for the bullet train by making its front similar to the kingfisher’s bill and it worked! The train became faster, quieter and more powerful.

There are many such examples which can be found today where most of the technologies are inspired by nature. This power of observation is immense. It leads to their development of visual skill. Children develop the power of observing, reimagining, and being able to convey the idea to others through drawing. Even the technology you are using to read this was someone’s imagination.

Patience and Perseverance:

Learning a skill requires patience and perseverance. It takes time and the process can sometimes be frustrating. But once improvement starts, a belief kicks in, self-belief to be able to draw, and also self-confidence develops that is needed in just every aspect of a child’s life.


Learning through art also helps one to remember more. Integrating it with education can help your child to understand the information well and also retain it. This will help to improve their test scores.

The creative half and the logical half of the brain work together through learning and practicing. A child’s mind being pure, requires a holding hand, a guide to be able to walk on this journey smoothly. A great teacher will, along with providing skill and knowledge, will also provide a positive growth environment for your child to enjoy.

At I Am An Artist, your child will experience art and develop all the skills and receive positive outcomes of art. With expert guidance, personalized attention, positive environment, interesting and fun syllabus, your child will fall in love with art.

"Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible." - MaryAnn F. Kohl

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