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Shipping Policy

Every piece showcased on I Am An Artist is exclusive, and many items are fragile or heavy. Whether the item is being shipped by us or directly by a partner, the packaging is done by experts who take utmost care to ensure the piece does not get damaged in transit.

Many of the items you see on I Am An Artist can be shipped globally, whilst some can only be shipped within India. Since our pieces require special packaging, and are sometimes heavy/fragile, shipping costs can vary significantly depending on the shipping address. Hence, for many items on our website, we provide shipping costs to clients separately based on the location, instead of standardizing them and including them in the price of the item.

Once we’ve agreed on the shipping costs and your purchase transaction is complete, our team will be in touch with you regarding shipment details. We always provide clients with an estimated delivery timeline before confirming the order, and special considerations can be discussed and settled before you make the payment. Orders are typically dispatched within 5 days of receiving payment. Occasionally, it may take us longer to dispatch the shipment, if the item needs to be customized. Our team will keep you notified if there are any exceptions or delays.

If you require any further information about our packaging and shipping policies, please contact us on +91 9082673802 or

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