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online drawing classes for kids

Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Summer Camp For Kids

Summer Camp
For Kids 2024

Engaging, Interactive, and Inspiring Art Summer Workshop for Kids Online.

Live from India in Zoom
Ages 7-13 Years 

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Drawing Classes for Kids near me Live from India Mumbai Studio Virtual Zoom Art Classes for Kids Age 5yrs to 12yrs

Welcome to I AM AN ARTIST DRAWING AND PAINTING CLASSES for KIDS INDIA AGES 5 Years old to 12 years old. Your child's CREATIVE part of the week.


ART makes kids happy! See your child HAPPINESS at the best online art classes for kids in India Mumbai. I AM AN ARTIST drawing classes near me for kids offer a safe, entertaining, educational and FUN Art painting drawing classes online for kids experience, our art class for kids nurtures your child with creativity, inspiration, and encouragement.

In our online Kids Art classes your child will receive maximum attention and guidance. Every child receives one-on-one art instruction from our highly skilled, Professional Artists who are passionate about YOUR child’s happiness in online painting classes for kids.

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In I Am An Artist India your Child will Discover the different Art Forms, Drawing and Painting Techniques on different Mediums, Subjects and Topics.

Learn from Artists who are Passionate about Art and Sharing its Techniques with Students. At our Art Institute your Child will be Guided by Professional Artist who have Decades of Experience.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”
– Salvador Dali

Student Art Work

 Kids Drawing Course Content Age 5 years to 8 years.  

Certificate online art courses for kids can learn

Basic Drawing & Sketching drawing lessons for Kids

  • Line Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting

  • 2D Designing

  • Object drawing with shape.

  • Easy & simple human figures, Face Drawing, Portrait Drawing. 

  • Fruits Drawing and Painting

  • Flowers Drawing and Painting

  • Domestic Animals and Wildlife Drawing

  • Birds Drawing and Paintings

  • Underwater fish and other drawing and Painting

  • Still Life Objects Drawings and Painting

  • Landscape Drawings and Painting

  • Galaxy and Space Drawing and Painting

  • Decorative Drawing and Painting

  • Shading Variation

  • Pencils Shading

Color Concepts Mixing Technique and Shading painting Lessons for Kids

  • Study of the color wheel

  • Practice on different mediums of colors

  • Study of different colors and paintings

  • Color Mixing Technique

  • Shading with crayons colour paintings

  • Shading with Oil Pastels colour paintings

  • Shading with Color Pencils paintings

  • Shading with Watercolor paintings

  • Shading with Poster colour paintings

Card Making

  • Collage Making with colorful papers

  • Collage Making on a given topic 

Poster Designing

  • Abstract Design 

  • Save Energy 

  • Save Water 

  • Global Warming 

  • Child Labor, etc.

Indian Art History and Painting Styles

  • In a fun assailments

Indian Traditional Painting

Warli Painting, etc

Clay Modeling

  • Clay Modeling using different colorful clay

  • Clay Modeling of objects.

Art and Craft Painting hobby art school activities for Kids on different surfaces styles and subjects

  • Print Making

  • Sticker Making 

  • Stained Glass Painting 

  • Best out of the west 

  • Mask Painting 

  • Pot Painting 

  • Dot Painting 

  • Finger Painting 

  • Canvas Painting 

  • acrylic painting Fabric Painting 

  • Cap Painting 

  • Mandala Art 

  • Doodle Art

Collage Making

  • Collage Making with colorful papers

  • Collage Making on a given topic 

Cartoons & Caricature

To add extra fun element students practice cartoon characters of their choice

Imaginative Composition

With the help of basic sketching students can easily depict their imagination on paper


  • Seasons 

  • Festivals 

  • Events 

  • Current Topics, etc.

Drawing classes for kids online Course Content Age 9 years to 12 years.  

Online Drawing Classes for kids India Certificate Course Art lessons

Drawing & Sketching

  • Line Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting Study Free Hand Drawing  

  • Study of variation of pencils shading  

  • Study of light and shadow  

  • Study of Perspective  

  • Study of Still Life Objects Drawings  

  • Study of Nature Drawings  

  • Study of Figure Drawings  

  • Study of Basic elements of design.  

  • Study of 2D Drawings and 3D Drawings  

  • Drawing and Painting Compositions of Human figures, Jungle Scene, Underwater Fish, Landscape, Still Life, Rainy Season, Galaxy and Space, etc.  

  • Observational Drawing Study  

  • Theme and Concept Drawing  

Art and Craft Painting hobby activities for Teens on different surfaces styles and subjects  

  • Stained Glass Painting  

  • Best out of west  

  • Mask Painting  

  • Pot Painting  

  • Dot Painting  

  • Finger Painting  

  • Canvas Painting  

  • Fabric Painting  

  • Cap Painting  

  • Mandala Art  

  • Doodle Art  

  • Fluid Art  

Collage Making

  • Paper collage with crayon.  

  • Paper collage with water colour.  

  • Paper collage with mixed media.  

  • Paper collage with colour pencil  

  • Paper collage with colourful papers, newspaper, magazine, etc.  

Still Life Object Drawing and Painting  

  • Introduction to various techniques  

  • Perspective in still life  

  • Difference In Eye Level  

  • Symmetrical Objects  

  • Asymmetrical Object  

  • Study of foreground and background with drapery.  

Design Composition  

  • Planing of Design drawing  

  • Ornamental Shapes Design Drawing  

  • Principal of Design  

  • Distribution of Space in Design  

  • 2D Drawing composition and 3D Drawing composition  

Indian Traditional kids painting

  • Warli Painting, Madhubani Painting, etc  

Ancient Indian and Western World Art History

Painting Styles  

Colours Plates and colour Schemes

  • Study of the colour wheel.  

  • Primary colours  

  • Secondary Colours  

  • Tertiary Colours  

  • Opposite complementary colour  

  • Colours Value Tint, High Key, Low Key   

  • Warm Colour Scheme  

  • Cool Colour Scheme  

  • Complementary Colour Scheme Contrasting Colours