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online drawing classes for kids

Online Drawing Classes For Kids

Drawing Classes for Kids near me Live from India Mumbai Studio Virtual Zoom Art Classes for Kids Age 5yrs to 12yrs

Welcome to I AM AN ARTIST DRAWING AND PAINTING CLASSES for KIDS INDIA AGES 5 Years old to 12 years old. Your child's CREATIVE part of the week.


ART makes kids happy! See your child HAPPINESS at the best online art classes for kids in India Mumbai. I AM AN ARTIST drawing classes near me for kids offer a safe, entertaining, educational and FUN Art painting drawing classes online for kids experience, our art class for kids nurtures your child with creativity, inspiration, and encouragement.

In our online Kids Art classes your child will receive maximum attention and guidance. Every child receives one-on-one art instruction from our highly skilled, Professional Artists who are passionate about YOUR child’s happiness in online painting classes for kids.

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In I Am An Artist India your Child will Discover the different Art Forms, Drawing and Painting Techniques on different Mediums, Subjects and Topics.

Learn from Artists who are Passionate about Art and Sharing its Techniques with Students. At our Art Institute your Child will be Guided by Professional Artist who have Decades of Experience.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”
– Salvador Dali

Student Art Work

 Kids Drawing Course Content Age 5 years to 8 years.  

Certificate online art courses for kids can learn

Basic Drawing & Sketching drawing lessons for Kids

  • Line Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting

  • 2D Designing

  • Object drawing with shape.

  • Easy & simple human figures, Face Drawing, Portrait Drawing. 

  • Fruits Drawing and Painting

  • Flowers Drawing and Painting

  • Domestic Animals and Wildlife Drawing

  • Birds Drawing and Paintings

  • Underwater fish and other drawing and Painting

  • Still Life Objects Drawings and Painting

  • Landscape Drawings and Painting

  • Galaxy and Space Drawing and Painting

  • Decorative Drawing and Painting

  • Shading Variation

  • Pencils Shading

Color Concepts Mixing Technique and Shading painting Lessons for Kids

  • Study of the color wheel

  • Practice on different mediums of colors

  • Study of different colors and paintings

  • Color Mixing Technique

  • Shading with crayons colour paintings

  • Shading with Oil Pastels colour paintings

  • Shading with Color Pencils paintings

  • Shading with Watercolor paintings

  • Shading with Poster colour paintings

Card Making

  • Collage Making with colorful papers

  • Collage Making on a given topic 

Poster Designing

  • Abstract Design 

  • Save Energy 

  • Save Water 

  • Global Warming 

  • Child Labor, etc.

Indian Art History and Painting Styles

  • In a fun assailments

Indian Traditional Painting

Warli Painting, etc

Clay Modeling

  • Clay Modeling using different colorful clay

  • Clay Modeling of objects.

Art and Craft Painting hobby art school activities for Kids on different surfaces styles and subjects

  • Print Making

  • Sticker Making 

  • Stained Glass Painting 

  • Best out of the west 

  • Mask Painting 

  • Pot Painting 

  • Dot Painting 

  • Finger Painting 

  • Canvas Painting 

  • acrylic painting Fabric Painting 

  • Cap Painting 

  • Mandala Art 

  • Doodle Art

Collage Making

  • Collage Making with colorful papers

  • Collage Making on a given topic 

Cartoons & Caricature

To add extra fun element students practice cartoon characters of their choice

Imaginative Composition

With the help of basic sketching students can easily depict their imagination on paper


  • Seasons 

  • Festivals 

  • Events 

  • Current Topics, etc.

Drawing classes for kids online Course Content Age 9 years to 12 years.  

Online Drawing Classes for kids India Certificate Course Art lessons

Drawing & Sketching

  • Line Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting Study Free Hand Drawing  

  • Study of variation of pencils shading  

  • Study of light and shadow  

  • Study of Perspective  

  • Study of Still Life Objects Drawings  

  • Study of Nature Drawings  

  • Study of Figure Drawings  

  • Study of Basic elements of design.  

  • Study of 2D Drawings and 3D Drawings  

  • Drawing and Painting Compositions of Human figures, Jungle Scene, Underwater Fish, Landscape, Still Life, Rainy Season, Galaxy and Space, etc.  

  • Observational Drawing Study  

  • Theme and Concept Drawing  

Art and Craft Painting hobby activities for Teens on different surfaces styles and subjects  

  • Stained Glass Painting  

  • Best out of west  

  • Mask Painting  

  • Pot Painting  

  • Dot Painting  

  • Finger Painting  

  • Canvas Painting  

  • Fabric Painting  

  • Cap Painting  

  • Mandala Art  

  • Doodle Art  

  • Fluid Art  

Collage Making

  • Paper collage with crayon.  

  • Paper collage with water colour.  

  • Paper collage with mixed media.  

  • Paper collage with colour pencil  

  • Paper collage with colourful papers, newspaper, magazine, etc.  

Still Life Object Drawing and Painting  

  • Introduction to various techniques  

  • Perspective in still life  

  • Difference In Eye Level  

  • Symmetrical Objects  

  • Asymmetrical Object  

  • Study of foreground and background with drapery.  

Design Composition  

  • Planing of Design drawing  

  • Ornamental Shapes Design Drawing  

  • Principal of Design  

  • Distribution of Space in Design  

  • 2D Drawing composition and 3D Drawing composition  

Indian Traditional kids painting

  • Warli Painting, Madhubani Painting, etc  

Ancient Indian and Western World Art History

Painting Styles  

Colours Plates and colour Schemes

  • Study of the colour wheel.  

  • Primary colours  

  • Secondary Colours  

  • Tertiary Colours  

  • Opposite complementary colour  

  • Colours Value Tint, High Key, Low Key   

  • Warm Colour Scheme  

  • Cool Colour Scheme  

  • Complementary Colour Scheme Contrasting Colours   

  • Analogous Colour Scheme and Related Colours with composition.  

  • Monochromatic colour scheme and composition.  

  • Polychrome colour Scheme and composition.  

  • Achromatic colour scheme  

Color Concepts Technique of Shading and Mixing

  • Practice of different colour mediums  

  • Study of different colours  

  • Colour Mixing Technique  

  • Oil Pastels Colour mixing  

  • Pencil Colour mixing  

  • Poster colour mixing  

  • Watercolor mixing  

  • Fabric colour Mixing  

  • Acrylic Colour Mixing  

Portrait and Figure Drawing

  • Technical details and measurements.  

  • Detailed study of Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, and Hair.  

  • Proportion in Human Figure  

  • Freehand drawing of a human figure to study proportion.  

  • Stick figure drawing and Block drawing  

Print Making

  • Different Techniques and Textures  

  • Stippling  

  • Shading  

  • Mosaic  

  • Dry brush  

  • Etching  

  • Paper Stencils etc.  

Imaginative Composition Memory Drawing  

  • After Practicing Basic Drawing and Sketching, Students would be able to depict their Imagination on Paper.  

  • They are encouraged to do different imaginary art Drawing Painting work in their own style.  

  •  Poster making  oil painting

Card Making  

  • Basic elements of card design.  

  • Division of space.  

  • Colour concept.  

  • compositions for different occasions  

Clay Modeling  

  • Clay Modeling using different colourful clay  

  • Clay Modeling of objects.  

kids art class

live session


Reema Kotak USA kids art class

Verified Reviewer

5 star

We started online art classes (from USA)for my daughter with Prashant sir to keep her happy with her hobby during the lockdown.we are glad we tried it ,Prashant sir takes different activities each week which keeps the kids engrossed and they look fwd to learning new things thereby not making things monotonous.Being in different time zone I thought it would be challenging however he is so friendly and warm with kids and also variety keeps the kids going. We are really glad we took this up and my daughter is completely enjoying every bit of it .

Virat Tiwari online drawing classes for kids india

Verified Reviewer

5 star

We were lucky to stumble upon these classes. During the pandemic we were desperately looking for online options and classes for my 6 year old. I started by registering our son to take Prashant sir's classes - as a trial since we were not sure if he will continue. However after pursuing for couple of sessions we were sure that he will learn and enjoy these classes. We like Prashant's patience, ideas he gives and creativity that he is trying to bring in our son. I have already recommended him to our friends and would recommend it to anyone. PS: We will write and update the review further as the course goes on! Cheers and happy learning Artists! Virat New Jersey (USA)

Sudheera Suman Art class for kids Australia

Verified Reviewer

5 star

Hi all, this is to share my experience with this Art class 🎨. I am from Melbourne Australia. My 9 year old daughter loves drawing. That's when i explored in internet and found this website interesting. Prashant sir is so patient in teaching and very talented professional artist 🎨. Since she joined the class, I can see happiness in her face when she comes out with an art piece after the class 😍. I would highly recommend anyone to join this class to learn all techniques in drawing and painting👍.

Srihas Varikallu Drawing and painting classes for kids Virginia USA

Verified Reviewer

5 star

We are from Virginia, USA and my son is attending the class from past one month. He is enjoying the class. Thanks for all your help in improving his art work.

vikram online kids painting classes usa

Verified Reviewer

5 star

My 5 yr old and 7 yr old kids are attending online drawing/art classes provided by "I am an artist" for a month now and they love it. The instruction provided by Prashant are very personalized and they test the boundaries of kids skill and abilities and slow improve them. we live in Texas and class timings are very suitable for my kids schedule. I would definitely recommend these classes for friends and family.

Ameeta Sharma - Menon online art classes india from pune

Verified Reviewer

5 star

I have tried quite a few online art classes over the past few years but I am an artist definitely stands apart. They really help my son channel his creative energy with great guidance Thank you Prashant Sir !

kids drawing class ONLINE Private ACCOUNT

Every drawing online classes for kids student has a personal online account. Once you sign up for a course, your course lessons will be added to your online account, which allows you to do the following:  

  • Check the timetable of courses you have signed up for and book the time slots suitable to you for the online painting class for kids.  

  • Live online  painting for kids classes are taken through zoom and you get reminders for the same periodically via google classroom WhatsApp and emails.

  • Receive confirmation on your account via emails and WhatsApp messages along with reminders about your bookings.  

  • You can post your recent work and get a review on it.  

  • All the Live Online step by step Interactive Sessions, as well as the recorded Video sessions, will be uploaded to kids account, and they can be viewed as per the student’s convenience multiple times, till the completion of courses.  

  • courses shall also include assignments that need to be completed by the student  

  • After the student completes a course, he/she will continue to have access to the videos, readings, and study material for a period of 2 months.

Materials and Supplies Required for Kids Art Drawing and Painting Classes

India Kids Drawing classes Materials list

  • oil pastels

  • watercolor

USA Kids Art classes Materials list

Australia Kids painting classes Materials list

UAE Kids Art classes Materials list

  • poster color

  • Canvas

  • Canvas

  • Full kids drawing Materials 

Benefits of the Arts For Kids 

Learning art in Childhood and it’s benefits?

Childhood is an integral part of a person's life and proves to be vital in a person's further development as an adult. The memories that a person has from their childhood are etched in their mind and heart forever.

A child's mind is pure which makes it easier for them to grasp new things and learn from their mistakes. Just like a potter shapes a pot, it is important to guide children on the correct path. The brain of a child is much more receptive than that of an adult.

Brain being more receptive art also helps in faster development in areas such asBrain being more receptive art also helps in faster development in areas such as

Fine Motor skills:

It is the skill of coordinating muscles in eyes, fingers and hands. The coordination between the muscles in hand and the nervous system becomes stronger. Your child will become familiar with shapes, the visuals, and their muscle memory will improve. It helps not only in drawing, but also in other areas of life, such as writing and playing an instrument.

Social Skills:

Your child learns to interact with teachers, other students and their communication skills improve.


Attending classes timely, doing assignments weekly, correcting the mistakes will build discipline of your child which will be helpful in all walks of life.


Just like physical muscles are built by exercising every day, similarly, more the work is done more mental muscles which help to focus on a task are built. Drawing, completing assignments takes time, which in turn requires your child to focus completely on it, which develops his/her concentration powers.

Stress buster:

Studies have shown children who are engaged in drawing and painting activities have better mental health. Your child will become more resilient. Sketching and colouring also have soothing effects on the mind.

Cognitive development:

It is the ability to think and reason. This skill is required in any field and is not just limited to art. Through art, your child’s thinking expands. This will further develop their problem-solving capabilities

Observation and Imagination:

The most basic and important skill art teaches is: observation. Even a painting of a tree can teach your child many things: how the roots are growing into the ground, the brown texture of soil, the textures of trunk, the insects on the trunk, how the trunk leads to branches and then into even smaller and thinner branches and leaves. The symmetry of leaves, arrangement of veins in them, different shades of colour green, birds settling in trees. This is just an example, there are many around.

 It leads to their development of visual skill. They develop the power of observing, reimagining, and being able to convey the idea to others through drawing. Even the technology you are using to read this was someone’s imagination.

Patience and Perseverance:

Learning a skill requires patience and perseverance. It takes time and the process can sometimes be frustrating. But once improvement starts, a belief kicks in, self-belief to be able to draw, and also self-confidence develops that is needed in just every aspect of a child’s life


Learning through art also helps one to remember more. Integrating it with education can help your child to understand the information well and also retain it. This will help to improve their test scores.

and many more thing like

Improved test scores, Enhanced communication skills, Stress-relief and relaxation skills, Higher levels of focus, Increased problem solving tools, Healthy brain development Read more 

Upcoming Events

    Wed, 15 Nov
    I AM AN ARTIST Drawing and Painting Clas
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    I AM AN ARTIST Drawing and Painting Clas, Banglow No. D 2, First Floor, Highland Park, Jai Shastri Nagar, Mulund Colony, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400082
    15-Nov-2023, 11:00 am IST – 31-Dec-2023, 11:00 pm IST
    I AM AN ARTIST Drawing and Painting Clas, Banglow No. D 2, First Floor, Highland Park, Jai Shastri Nagar, Mulund Colony, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400082
    There is an artist in every child. So awaken the artist in your child with I Am An Artist! We promise to sketch a perfect stroke in your child’s heart and gift your children the feeling of joy. Enroll in India’s finest FINE ART institute and experience learning art from professional artists.
    Wed, 15 Nov
    Free Online Art Class for Kids
    15-Nov-2023, 11:00 am IST – 31-Dec-2023, 12:00 pm IST
    Free Online Art Class for Kids
    15-Nov-2023, 11:00 am IST – 31-Dec-2023, 12:00 pm IST
    Free Online Art Class for Kids
    Open up the world of art to your young ones and allow them to draw and experience this creative field through India’s finest institute, I Am An Artist. Our online drawing and painting session is interactive, engaging, and educational, which will make the learning experience fun for your kids.


At I Am An Artist Online Drawing Classes for Kids, we aim to nurture creativity and imagination through art in young minds. Our online drawing classes for kids are designed to inspire and develop their artistic skills in a fun way. As your child embarks on this creative journey with us, you may have some questions. We've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the process with ease.