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Online Art Classes for Teens   

I Am An Artist Online Art Class for Teens' live classes in Zoom from Mumbai, India, aged 13 years and above 

Every parent wants their teen grown to be a creative and successful adult, and our art classes for teens help make this possible. 
Teens' art classes will nurture your child creatively as their artistic skills develop. Each student receives personalized expert art instruction based on your teen's needs, interests, and skill level. In our art classes for teens aged 13 years to 16years, our wide range of courses, each student masters artistic techniques learns about art history and different art forms such as realism, abstraction, landscape, etc.

Our fun, engaging and non-judgmental I Am An Artist Studio provides a perfect environment for expressing your child's creativity. Your child will have developed an art portfolio. At the end of the course,

Whether your child wants to prepare for Elementary, Intermediate Exams, or Entrance exams for fine art colleges or wants to practice art as a hobby, we have programs designed for them. Our professional art instructors with decades of experience will give personalized instructions to every student depending upon their needs and goals and pave a path for their development. 

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In I Am An Artist India your Child will Discover the different Art Forms, Drawing and Painting Techniques on different Mediums, Subjects and Topics.

Learn from Artists who are Passionate about Art and Sharing its Techniques with Students. At our Art Institute your Child will be Guided by Professional Artist who have Decades of Experience.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”
– Salvador Dali

Teen Art Course content Age 13 years to 16 years.  

Drawing & Sketching

  • Line Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting

  • Study Free Hand Drawing

  • Study of variation of pencils shading

  • Study of light and shadow

  • Study of Perspective

  • Study of Still Life Objects Drawings

  • Study of Nature Drawings

  • Study of Basic elements of design.

  • Study of 2D Drawings and 3D Drawings

Collage Making mixed media
Still Life Object Drawing and Painting

  • Introduction to various techniques

  • Perspective in still life

  • Difference In Eye Level

  • Symmetrical Objects

  • Asymmetrical Object

  • Study of foreground and background with drapery.

Color Concepts Technique of Shading and Mixing

  • Practice of different colour mediums

  • Study of different colours

  • Colour Mixing Technique

  • Oil Pastels Colour mixing

  • Pencil Colour mixing

  • Poster colour mixing

  • Watercolor mixing

  • Acrylic Colour Mixing

Portrait and Figure Drawing

  • Technical details and measurements.

  • Detailed study of Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, and Hair.

  • Proportion in Human Figure

Colours Plates and colour Schemes

  • Study of the colour wheel.

  • Primary colours

  • Secondary Colours

  • Tertiary Colours

  • Opposite complementary colour

  • Colours Value ( Tint, High Key, Low Key )

  • Warm Colour Scheme

  • Cool Colour Scheme

  • Complementary Colour Scheme ( Contrasting Colours )

  • Analogous Colour Scheme and Related Colours with composition.

  • Monochromatic colour scheme and composition.

  • Polychrome colour Scheme and composition.

  • Achromatic colour scheme

Design Composition

  • Planing of Design drawing

  • Ornamental Shapes Design Drawing

  • Principal of Design

  • Distribution of Space in Design

  • 2D Drawing composition and 3D Drawing composition


  • Detail study of variation in sunlight.

  • Perspective, balance, and rhythm in compositions.

  • Study of cityscape, seascape, and nightscape.

Indian Traditional Painting and artworkstyle

  • Warli Painting

  • Madhubani Painting

  • Gond Art

  • Mandala Art

  • Dot Painting

  • Doodle Art

  • Fluid Art

  • Canvas Painting


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Reviews 5 start My daughter is doing online class from Pune. The teaching method is excell

Verified Reviewer

5 star

My daughter is doing online class from Pune. The teaching method is excellent. My daughter is learning lots of new things. And enjoying what is beimg taught.

Ameeta Sharma - Menon online art classes india from pune.png

Verified Reviewer

5 star

I have tried quite a few online art classes over the past few years but I am an artist definitely stands apart. They really help my son channel his creative energy with great guidance Thank you Prashant Sir !

Megha Jhaveri online teens art classes india.png

Verified Reviewer

5 star

It has been an overwhelming experience with I am an artist. During this pandemic, the young minds had become stagnant especially for my son but after joining I am an artist his passion for art was rekindled. Always looks forward to it. It's virtual but the experience is surreal.

dharmapuri sampath online art classes for teen from Australia.png

Verified Reviewer

5 star

We are from Australia and My daughter enjoy the classes and she had developed a great skill In few classes.

Teen art class

live session

Student Online Account  

Every student has a personal online account. Once you sign up for a course, your course lessons will be added to your online account, which allows you to do the following:  

  • Check the timetable of courses you have signed up for and book the time slots suitable to you for the online call.  

  • Receive confirmation on your account via emails and Whatsapp messages along with reminders about your bookings.  

  • You can post your recent work and get a review on it.  

  • All the Live Online Interactive Sessions, as well as the recorded Video sessions, will be uploaded to your account, and they can be viewed as per the student’s convenience multiple times, till the completion of courses.  

  • courses shall also include assignments that need to be completed by the student  

  • After the student completes a course, he/she will continue to have access to the videos, readings, and study material for a period of 2 months.

Materials and Supplies Required for Kids Art Drawing and Painting Classes

India Teen Drawing classes Materials list

oil pastels

USA Teen Art classes Materials list

UAE Teens Art classes Materials list

Australia Teen painting classes Materials list


poster color



Full kids drawing Materials 

Why should teens learn to draw and paint?

Teenage is the early stage of adulthood where they are growing in all aspects of life. When students start to make decisions about their careers, about what they want to do, learning to draw can help in a drawing career but even the most challenging careers from STEM.

Having a creative hobby is always a plus. It can help build self-confidence a belief to achieve whatever they want to be.

In this modern age, where technology is developing at immeasurable speed, students spend most of their time on social media or binge-watching series all day can be damaging. Practising drawing in a safe and non-competitive environment can help them develop resilience.

At this age, the memory consciousness strengths, and having the memories and skill of practising drawing can be helpful in later years of their life.

Drawing can help them convey their message and ideas to the world. Research has shown that drawing helps students remember information for more extended periods. Remembering the information by drawing relevant diagrams flow charts can help them in studies too. The fine motor skills, the movement between the hands and the nervous system, is strengthened. Read more 

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If you want your child to learn drawing and painting skills and enjoy a safe and social environment to express their imagination, or if your child/teen requires assistance, we can provide an extensive study plan for your child's requirements.

Our art courses are designed to help kids and teens think imaginatively, increase self-confidence and confidence, foster bonding through our small class sizes improve their artistic abilities to help them navigate the world.

“To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.” – Giorgio de Chirico


At I Am An Artist Online Drawing Classes for Kids, we aim to nurture creativity and imagination through art in young minds. Our online drawing classes for kids are designed to inspire and develop their artistic skills in a fun way. As your child embarks on this creative journey with us, you may have some questions. We've compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the process with ease.

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