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Fine Art Colleges

There are various courses a student can pursue who have a passion for art and will to create a career in arts. With courses such as Bachelor in Fine Arts, Bachelor in Visual Arts to attaining specialization in sculpture, textile, drawing and painting, interior designing there are many branches one can opt for.

With the world becoming more digital, opportunities have also increased in creating digital art.

In Mumbai, there are various colleges which offer Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, Visual Arts, Interior Designing based on their respective criteria for admissions.

Fine Art Colleges in Maharashtra:

1. Sir J. J School of Art (Mumbai): There are various departments in Sir J.J School of Art such as Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and Modelling, Interior Decoration, Textile Design, Metal Work and Ceramic. You can choose any of the above based on your interests and passion you want to pursue.

For more information, please visit:

2. Sir J. J Institute of Applied Art (Mumbai): This institute offers BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Applied Arts and MFA degree (Master of Fine Arts).

To know more about the courses please visit:

3. Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft (Mumbai): This college consists of following departments:

One can choose their specialization from any of the above based on one’s interests and passion.

View about the courses and the college here:

4. B.S.Bandekar College Of Fine Art (Sawantwadi): Located in Maharashtra in Sindhudurga District, this college offers degree in Fine Arts (Applied).

To know more about it, please visit:

5. D. Y. Patil College Of Applied Arts & Craft (Pune): They offer a four year degree program in Bachelor of Fine Arts. First year is a foundation year while the rest of three years are allocated for specialization.

Know more about the college here:

6. Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Fine Art (Pune): College offers

B. V. A (Bachelor in Visual Arts, Applied) course for 4 years

B. F. A (Bachelor in Fine Arts, Applied) also for 4 years

B. F. A (Bachelor in Fine Arts, Painting Course) for 4 years as well

And also 4 years courses for specialization in sculpture and painting.

Know more about them here:

7. Viva Institute of Applied Art (Virar): It offers a Bachelor of Fine Art in Applied Art course. It offers specialization of Illustration, Typography, Photography, Exhibition and Display, Design and Computer Graphic.

To know more about the college, please visit:

8. Government College of Art and Design (Nagpur): Located in Lakshmi Nagar, Nagpur, this college offers following courses:

B.F. A (Painting), M.F. A (Painting), M.F.A (Applied Art) and Art Teacher’s Diploma course (A.T.D)

Visit the college website here:

9. Government College of Art and Design (Aurangabad): Courses offered here are:

B. F. A Painting

B. F. A Applied Art

B. F. A Textile Design, each course of 4 year duration.

They also offer an Art Teacher Diploma (A.T.D) which is of 2 year duration.

Visit them here:

10. K. K. Wagh College of Fine Art, Nashik: This college offers courses:

B.V.A (Painting) and B.V.A (Sculpture), both of which are of 4 years duration.

You can choose the college according to the marks you score in the entrance test. Also, do go through the courses offered by each college and choose one which offers the specialization that you want to pursue.


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