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How to get admission in Fine Art College?

To get admission for courses in fine arts or visual arts one needs to excel in the MAH AAC CET Entrance Examination. (Maharashtra Applied Arts and Crafts Common Entrance Test)

What is the MAH AAC CET Entrance Examination?

It’s a state level examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell.

The eligibility for the paper is that a student must have passed 12 standard boards with at least 45% marks in aggregate. There is no age limit for the exam.

There are 4 papers in the exam. 3 papers of which are practical each of 50 marks and 1 paper is objective type paper of 40 marks.

Paper 1: Design Practical where a student needs to create a creative design with the help of elements asked in the question. Also applying the skills of using various color schemes and different color mediums and techniques.

Number of Question: 1

Marks: 50

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper 2: Object Drawing Practical. In this you need to create realistic drawing of the natural or man-made object given using pencils, correctly applying the dark and light shadows.

Number of Question: 1

Marks: 50

Time: 1 hour

Paper 3: Memory Drawing. Creating a drawing of a scene from imagination and using correct tools of perspective into it.

Number of Question: 1

Marks: 50

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper 4: General Knowledge. In this paper, you will be tested on your knowledge about colors, different color schemes, fundamentals of art, significant monuments of art, famous painters, sculptors and about their work.

Number of Question: 40

Marks: 40 (All questions are of 1 mark each)

Time: 1 hour

There is no negative marking in MAH AAC CET Examination.

For more information regarding the examination, please visit the official website here:

To know more about Fine Art Colleges in Maharashtra, please visit:

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