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Rangoli Making Competition India

Photo Posted by: Ministry of Culture Government of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is organizing a Rangoli Making Competition. People from all parts of the country can participate.

Rangolis are found at the entrance of almost every household during the occasion of celebration. Each state has its own different type of Rangoli. India has a vibrant culture and one can experience diversity from state to state. Be it diversity in language, food, dance, singing and even Rangoli.

Different types of Rangolis use different raw materials. From traditional art, to freedom movement, emotions of joy, colour, festival, culture, all can be expressed beautifully through Rangoli.

Selection criteria:

Every Indian between the ages of 16 to 45 can participate

Only entries for physical Rangoli designs are eligible. Digital Rangolis created that have no physical existence will not be considered as valid entries.

Rangoli can be based on the freedom struggle, independence movement, and pictures of heroes of freedom struggle can also be created.

The competition is going to be held in three stages.

  • Stage 01: It is held at district level. Best Rangolis will be selected. Each winner at the district level will advance to Stage 2.

  • Stage 02: All District Level Winners will compete at State Level. Each State will then choose a winner who will be advancing to Stage 3.

  • Stage 03: State Level Winners will compete at the national level. 75 participants will be selected as national winners.

These 75 Rangolis along with being rewarded, are also going to be displayed on Basant Panchami at a prominent location in State New Delhi.

The entries already began on 31/10/2021 and will close on 15/12/2021.

Official Timeline:

Sr. No.





​District Level

Each District

31/10/2021 to 14/01/2022


State Level


20/01/2022 to 28/01/2022


National Level

New Delhi



· Participants are required to bring their own material.

· Rangolis are to be drawn in the space fixed by the judges. It is the same for every district for all participants.

· Fixed time limit is allocated to the participants which is 2 and half hours. No extra time is allocated in any case.

· Pencils and chalks to make any rough sketches are not allowed as the Rangoli drawn has to be traditional.

· Authenticity and use of traditional decorative design will be given more weightage by the judges.

· Space measurement is 4 feet x 4 feet. Participants have to complete the art work within given space.

· Decisions taken by the judges will be final and are to be accepted by all.

(Reference taken from official website, to know more visit:

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