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Summer Camps for Kids India Age 9 years to 12 years workshop for kids

ART makes kids happy See your children HAPPY THIS SUMMER in best I Am An Artist drawing and painting Summer Art Camps for Kids in India Age 9 years to 12 years online live from Mumbai
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Summer Camps for Kids India Age 9 years to 12 years workshop for kids

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21 May, 6:00 pm IST – 11 Jun, 7:00 pm IST
Online Live on Zoom

About the Event

Kids Art Classes Course Content and syllabus Age 9 years to 12 years.

Kids Drawing and Painting Certificate Course

Drawing & Sketching for kids

  • Line Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting for kids
  • Study Free Hand Drawing for kids
  • Study of variation of pencils shading for kids
  • Study of light and shadow drawing and Painting for kids
  • Study of Perspective drawing for kids
  • Study of Still Life Objects Drawings for kids
  • Study of Nature Drawings for kids
  • Study of Figure Drawings for kids
  • Study of Basic elements of design for kids
  • Study of 2D Drawings and 3D Drawings for kids
  • Drawing and Painting Compositions of Human figures, Jungle Scene, Underwater Fish, Landscape,      Still Life, Rainy Season, Galaxy and Space for kids
  • Observational Drawing Study for kids
  • Theme and Concept Drawing for kids

Colour Concepts Technique of Shading and Mixing for kids

  • The practice of different colour mediums for kids
  • Study of different colours for kids
  • Colour Mixing Technique for kids
  • Oil Pastels Colour mixing for kids
  • Pencil Colour mixing for kids
  • Poster colour mixing for kids
  • Watercolour mixing for kids
  • Fabric colour Mixing for kids
  • Acrylic Colour Mixing for kids

Colours Plates and colour Schemes

  • Study of the colour wheel for kids
  • Primary colours painting for kids
  • Secondary Colours painting for kids
  • Tertiary Colours painting for kids
  • Opposite complementary colour painting for kids
  • Colours Value ( Tint, High Key, Low Key )
  • Warm Colour Scheme for kids
  • Cool Colour Scheme painting      for kids
  • Complementary Colour Scheme ( Contrasting Colours )
  • Analogous Colour Scheme and Related Colours with composition painting for kids
  • Monochromatic colour scheme and composition painting for kids
  • Polychrome colour Scheme and composition painting for kids
  • Achromatic colour scheme painting for kids

Collage Making

  • Paper collage with crayon for kids
  • Paper collage with watercolour for kids
  • Paper collage with mixed media for kids
  • Paper collage with colour pencil for kids
  • Paper collage for kids with colourful papers, newspaper, magazine, etc.

Card Making

  • Basic elements of card design.
  • Division of space.
  • Colour concept.
  • compositions for different occasions

Clay Modelling

  • Clay Modelling using different colourful clay for kids
  • Clay Modelling of objects for kids

Still Life Object Drawing and Painting

  • Introduction to various techniques
  • Perspective in still life
  • Difference In Eye Level
  • Symmetrical Objects
  • Asymmetrical Object
  • Study of foreground and background with drapery.

Portrait and Figure Drawing

  • Technical details and measurements.
  • Detailed study of Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, and Hair.
  • Proportion in Human Figure
  • Freehand drawing of a human figure to study proportion.
  • Stick figure drawing and Block drawing


  • Detail study of variation in sunlight.
  • Perspective, balance, and rhythm in compositions.
  • Study of cityscape, seascape, and nightscape.

Design Composition

  • Planning of Design drawing
  • Ornamental Shapes Design Drawing
  • Principal of Design
  • Distribution of Space in Design
  • 2D Drawing composition and 3D Drawing composition

Imaginative Composition Memory Drawing

  • After Practicing Basic Drawing and Sketching, Students would be able to depict their Imagination      on Paper.
  • They are encouraged to do different imaginary art Drawing Painting work in their style.
  • Poster making

Print Making

  • Different Techniques and Textures
  • Stippling
  • Shading
  • Mosaic
  • Dry brush
  • Etching painting for kids
  • Paper Stencils etc.

Indian Traditional Painting

  • Warli Painting for kids
  • Madhubani Painting for kids

Art and Craft Painting hobby activities for kids on different surfaces styles and subjects

  • Stained Glass Painting for kids
  • Best out of the west for kids
  • Mask Painting for kids
  • Pot Painting for kids
  • Dot Painting for kids
  • Finger Painting for kids
  • Canvas Painting for kids
  • Fabric Painting for kids
  • Cap Painting for kids
  • Mandala Art for kids
  • Doodle Art for kids
  • Fluid Art for kids

Ancient Indian and Western World Art History Painting Styles

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