Fri, 07 May | Online Live Zoom | Rs.270/- per Lesson

online Kids Art Courses Age 9yrs to 12yrs

online kids drawing and painting classes age 9 years to 12 years
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online Kids Art Courses Age 9yrs to 12yrs

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07 May, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Online Live Zoom | Rs.270/- per Lesson

About the Event

Kids   Art Classes Course Content Age 9 years to 12 years.       

Kids   Drawing and Painting Certificate Course   

Drawing   & Sketching   Line   Study, Curve Study, Drawing Composing, and Painting   Study   Free Hand Drawing   Study   of variation of pencils shading   Study   of light and shadow   Study   of Perspective   Study   of Still Life Objects Drawings   Study   of Nature Drawings   Study   of Figure Drawings   Study   of Basic elements of design.   Study   of 2D Drawings and 3D Drawings   Drawing   and Painting Compositions of Human figures, Jungle Scene, Underwater Fish,   Landscape, Still Life, Rainy Season, Galaxy and Space, etc.   Observational   Drawing Study   Theme   and Concept Drawing   Color   Concepts Technique of Shading and Mixing   Practice   of different colour mediums   Study   of different colours   Colour   Mixing Technique   Oil   Pastels Colour mixing   Pencil   Colour mixing   Poster   colour mixing   Watercolor   mixing   Fabric   colour Mixing   Acrylic   Colour Mixing   Colours   Plates and colour Schemes   Study   of the colour wheel.   Primary   colours   Secondary   Colours   Tertiary   Colours   Opposite   complementary colour   Colours   Value ( Tint, High Key, Low Key )   Warm   Colour Scheme   Cool   Colour Scheme   Complementary   Colour Scheme ( Contrasting Colours )   Analogous   Colour Scheme and Related Colours with composition.   Monochromatic   colour scheme and composition.   Polychrome   colour Scheme and composition.   Achromatic   colour scheme   Collage   Making   Paper   collage with crayon.   Paper   collage with water colour.   Paper   collage with mixed media.   Paper   collage with colour pencil   Paper   collage with colourful papers, newspaper, magazine, etc.   Card   Making   Basic   elements of card design.   Division   of space.   Colour   concept.   compositions   for different occasions   Clay   Modeling   Clay   Modeling using different colourful clay   Clay   Modeling of objects.   Still   Life Object Drawing and Painting   Introduction   to various techniques   Perspective   in still life   Difference   In Eye Level   Symmetrical   Objects   Asymmetrical   Object   Study   of foreground and background with drapery.   Portrait   and Figure Drawing   Technical   details and measurements.   Detailed   study of Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, and Hair.   Proportion   in Human Figure   Freehand   drawing of a human figure to study proportion.   Stick   figure drawing and Block drawing   Landscape   Detail   study of variation in sunlight.   Perspective,   balance, and rhythm in compositions.   Study   of cityscape, seascape, and nightscape.   Design   Composition   Planing   of Design drawing   Ornamental   Shapes Design Drawing   Principal   of Design   Distribution   of Space in Design   2D   Drawing composition and 3D Drawing composition   Imaginative   Composition Memory Drawing   After   Practicing Basic Drawing and Sketching, Students would be able to depict   their Imagination on Paper.   They   are encouraged to do different imaginary art Drawing Painting work in their   own style.   Poster   making   Print   Making   Different   Techniques and Textures   Stippling   Shading   Mosaic   Dry   brush   Etching   Paper   Stencils etc.   Indian   Traditional Painting   Warli   Painting, Madhubani Painting, etc   Art   and Craft Painting hobby activities for Teens on different surfaces styles   and subjects   Stained   Glass Painting   Best   out of west   Mask   Painting   Pot   Painting   Dot   Painting   Finger   Painting   Canvas   Painting   Fabric   Painting   Cap   Painting   Mandala   Art   Doodle   Art   Fluid   Art   Ancient   Indian and Western World Art History Painting Styles

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